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We are behind.  This Region, whether we are discussing Texas, Oklahoma, or our surrounding neighbors are behind when it comes to Box Lacrosse.  StickStar has been committed to Box since 2013, doing our best to develop the Box game and the skills it creates.  StickStar has successfully traveled box teams since 2015, longer and more consistently than anyone in the region.

While we are pleased with our ability to travel teams to sustain some box momentum, we must take greater steps, we must create the environment.  When you go watch the teams that attend three of the best box tourneys in the country, USBOXLA Nationals, The Denver Battle in the Box, and the Resolute Midwest Classic you understand that we aren't playing the same game, yet! 

The best players in many areas are playing this game.  Whether you're talking about Canada, California, Colorado, Maryland, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Washington DC, and much much more, their best are doing it, and we are not.  We must create the culture for Box to take advantage of it's benefits.

Thus, StickStar is once again taking the steps to help raise the level of play Statewide.  Box is the solution for many of the programs we have Statewide.  It is the answer for the Public Schools to build overall program depth.  It is the easiest way for lacrosse in the region to grow quicker, faster, and stronger. 

THE STICKSTAR BOX LACROSSE ASSOCIATION will look to build out leagues and training across the region to grow the sport.  We will start in Dallas, and Tulsa.  We will look to spread to Houston, Austin, and Oklahoma City.  We will try to bring development opportunities for coaches, administrators, referees, and players alike.  We will look to build out a culture, establish a calendar, and be an agent for changing / raising the level of play across the State! 

2019 - Current
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Sullivan Lacrosse and StickStar, two well establish lacrosse learning institutions in the State of Texas have come together to launch (TXBOXLAX).  The ground-breaking digital platform will provide information and resources for teams, tournaments, leagues, training, workshops, and other content regarding the great sport of Box Lacrosse.


"Partnering with Anthony Crimmins on this venture was a no-brainer for me; his commitment to education for both players and coaches is second to none.  It is my hope that this will give various coaches, teams, orginizations, etc. that would otherwise see each other as rivals in field lacrosse a new platform to possibly work togehter.  Also, our representation within the USBOXLA will no doubt be a crucial aspect of helping us educate ourselves and any other organizations in Texas interested in starting box lacrosse or learning more about the game.  Beyond the skill development benfits, box lacrosse offers players the chance to experience the game they love in a whole new way that is fun and exciting but at the same time extremely challenging and humbling for even the best field players." 

Bart Sullivan - Southlake Lacrosse Head Coach


"I'm thrilled to get Texas Box Lacrosse off the ground with the foremost expert in the State, Bart Sullivan.  I've known Bart since we played against each other in college, Bart being at Denver, and myself at Butler.  He's been dedicated to this style of play for quite awhile and he's taught me a tremendous amount.  I'm excited to bring this tremendous game to the players of the Great State, and believe in its utility 100%.  It is a completely unique environment from a competition stand point, and there is no subsitute for playing in a box tournament.  The atmosphere is unbelievable across the board, and something every lacrosse player and fan should experience."  Anthony Crimmins - StickStar Lacrosse


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